We offer commercial and residential seal coating using Sealmaster sealer and products. The sealer matches all of their specifications including sand for traction, hardening agent for durability, and application of product.

Before sealer is applied, the asphalt is edged to remove grass, the surface is cleaned as needed, and all gas and oil spots are treated. We also fill major cracks, if requested. Sealer is applied with a brush along buildings, landscape, and sidewalks to assure neatness. We usually spray lots and driveways. If requested, we can brush the sealer onto driveways.

Before and After

Protect Your Investment

Seal coating not only gives you a nice new black surface ideal for line striping and dressing up your property, it is preventative maintenance. It is not a cure for broken, deteriorated areas or poorly installed asphalt.

Approximately one year after new asphalt is installed; it is ready to be seal coated. If left untreated, the sun (UV Light) will dry out the oils the asphalt making it brittle. Then water, snow, and ice, along with gas and oil spots start to erode the surface. As time continues, you will start to see small cracks and loosening areas in the asphalt. Once water gets into these small cracks, it starts to penetrate into the base. It freezes and thaws, eventually forming major cracks and broken areas. Once this happens, it is too late for seal coating; you have to replace the asphalt.